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Category: Podcast

Episode 20 – Reflections from 2021

As 2021 comes to a close and we start kicking off the new year, the SILA Speaks team is reflecting back on the great advice that our 2021 guests left with us! Take a listen to our favorite questions from all of our 2021 guests.

Episode 19 – Bryan Stevens, Wyoming Department of Insurance

This month’s guest speaker is Bryan Stevens, Licensing Supervisor, Wyoming Department of Insurance. Learn about Bryan’s path into the industry, and how they’ve been coping with all the pandemic-related changes.

Episode 18 – Kathy Halverson, Farmers Insurance

This month’s guest speaker is Kathy Halverson, Claims User Resource Manager at Farmers Insurance and current SILA Board President. Find out about Kathy’s journey in the industry, SILA news, and all about Kathy’s Zoo!

Episode 15 – Lesli Leakey, SILA Foundation

This month’s guest speaker is Lesli Leakey, Government Account Manager at Vertafore and President of the SILA Foundation. Listen to this month’s episode to hear about the exciting plans for the Foundation, and learn more about Lesli’s path in the industry!

Episode 13 – Bon Idziak, Accurate

We are kicking off the 2021 SILA Speaks series with guest speaker Bon Idziak, Chief Compliance and Government Relations Officer at Accurate. Tune in to learn about what Bon shares about the background check process, his experiences, and more!

Episode 12 – Regulator, Jeff Baughman

We are excited to announce that this month’s guest speaker is our very first Regulator Guest, Jeff Baughman from the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner. Tune in to hear about the Jeff’s journey in insurance and being a regulator. Jeff shares some great insights about how WA state is handling everything with the pandemic as well!

Episode 11 – Diana Capes, SILA

Celebrating our 1st year of the podcast, we are excited to announce that this month’s guest speaker is Diana Capes, Executive Director of SILA. Listen in to hear about the SILA Education Conference and how SILA has been dealing with the ongoing challenges that are coming up as we continue to deal with COVID-19.