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SILA Speaks Posts

Episode 5 – Arleen Taveras

Listen in as Allister and Diana give you an update on all things SILA, recorded live from the SILA National Education Conference in San Diego. Guest Speaker, Arleen Taveras of ILSA, shares her insights into the industry and the many benefits of being a SILA member. 

Episode 4 – Tracy Sloan, SILA President

Tracy Sloan, SILA President, talks about her experiences, SILA and the upcoming conference. Tune in to learn about some of the great sessions and workshops at the upcoming SILA Conference with Allister and Diana’s Conference Breakdown.

Episode 2 – Catching up with Karen Stakem Hornig of NIPR

SILA Speaks’ guest speaker Karen Stakem Hornig of NIPR shares her experiences, valuable information about NIPR and her perspective on the industry. Also, tune in for an overview of what is going on in SILA this month, the upcoming SILA conference and more. Send us your comments and questions at